I first read about Stevia as a sugar substitute in one of BBB’s blogs…Paleo Pumpkin Pie.

Yesterday, I wanted to get something decadent yet healthier for my office colleagues.

The usual gift exchanges always comprised sugary guilt laden chocolates and sweets.

So walking through the Cold Storage super market’s health section, I thought of buying my colleagues small packs of healthy stuffs like quinoa rice cakes, chips, buckwheat, the like. Then I realised that they were not even going to try and it would not be suitable to give them what was good for health and it would be too presumptious of me to think they would be ‘converted’. In short, these were things I would love to eat, but hardly suitable food choices for them.

Then I moved to the next aisle and saw chocolate!

Yup. Chocolate. 

Except in large letters the word Stevia printed on the front packaging.

I did not buy any for myself but requested my colleagues to let me know if stevia sweetness was different from chocolate made with refined sugar. 

It would obviously be great if there is no difference.

I brought home my own office stash which my colleagues had placed on my desk which are now proudly displayed in my kitchen. 2 colleagues gave me non edible gifts – a 2018 calendar and a sports towel!

Oh. By the way, the toasted edamame was store bought a few days ago. Not from the office!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!